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When you need an estate planning  (trusts and wills) attorney, probate attorney, or divorce attorney in Hermosa Beach, California, rely on Margaret Jones Attorney at Law. She will give your case the personal attention it needs and that you deserve.

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Attorney Margaret Jones offers the entire South Bay, California area legal services in various concentrations of law including estate planning, divorce mediation, estate administration, and more. Click below to learn more about each service. If you have questions, contact us.

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If you have a question or think you may need legal counsel, contact Attorney Margaret Jones. She is a qualified attorney dedicated to serving the community of the Hermosa Beach, California area.

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About Margaret Jones Attorney at Law

As a divorce mediator, my mission is to provide divorcing couples access to a professional, knowledgeable resource to assist them in getting their legal questions answered and reach a mutually beneficial agreement in the most efficient way possible. As an estate planning attorney, I make certain my clients have a sufficient understanding on all of the options available to them. I strive to listen to their goals and objectives so we don’t “over plan” or “under plan” for them. From the initial consultation to the final meeting where the documents are signed, I handle all aspects of the client’s representation personally, rather then contracting the work out to assistants or paralegals. In this way I can develop a close relationship with clients, achieve a better understanding of their needs, and make certain they know I am only a phone call away.

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