Margaret Jones Attorney at Law

Margaret established her law practice in Manhattan Beach, California over 20 years ago with a primary focus on estate planning (trusts and wills), probate (the process after someone passes away), and family law mediation.

As an experienced estate planning attorney she can explain complex laws regarding wills and trusts in terms that her clients can understand, and ensure that they find a plan which best takes into account their personal circumstances and achieves their financial objectives. She charges a reasonable fee and can typically quote the cost of preparing your estate’s trusts and wills at the end of her initial consultation.

Her family law mediation practice includes all aspects of divorce including division of assets, spousal and child support, custody and visitation. As a neutral third party she gives legal guidance and empowers the parties to resolve their own matter saving them the emotional trauma and high costs of the typical litigated divorce. For clients in high conflict cases, Margaret offers alternatives and strategies to help the parties reach a mutually beneficial settlement. In more amicable cases she will make certain the parties’ agreements are informed ones in light of the law and work with them to file all the necessary paperwork required by the courts.

Law Office of Margaret Jones, Esq.