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Marriage is a loving contract between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. Most people forget that in the eyes of the government (and the highly wealthy), marriage is also a contract with a variety of financial rights and obligations.

It’s difficult to approach the subject of marriage in a business manner. When it comes to creating a premarital (or prenuptial) agreement, that’s the exact approach you should take. The contract shouldn’t be viewed as a doubt in the strength of the relationship. It is protection against an unlikely circumstance that should be viewed as an “insurance policy.”

Here are some strategies to painlessly convince your husband or wife-to-be that a prenuptial agreement is in both of your best interests.

Discuss Early
Don’t wait until you are at the altar to pop the serious (second) question. Explore the topic early in a relationship; if possible, resolve the issue before you become engaged.

For the Head and Not the Heart
It’s tough to talk about your relationship as if it were a business arrangement. If you and your future husband or wife can put the emotions aside and agree to be logical about the preparation of a prenup, you’ll find it to be a much easier process.

Ask a Legal Professional
If your spouse-to-be is hesitant in any way, suggest that he/she consult with a legal professional to explore the benefits.

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